About US


SNEHA MEDICARE PVT LTD., one of the pioneers in API sourcing and supply in India, was established in 1985 by Shri. Kirti M Shah in the name of SNEHA CHEMICALS, which was later changed to M/s SNEHA MEDICARE PVT LTD. in the year 2002.
We take immense pleasure and pride to introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of Pharmaceutical raw materials in India since last more than 3 decades.
We are in the business of manufacturing, marketing, distribution and exports of APIs & Finished Formulations.
Today sneha medicare is an established brand its import and exports. We thrive to provide our customers with the highest quality material, and have established ourselves among the most eminent and trustworthy supplier of High Grade APIs and formulations.
Sneha medicare has successfully established a strong foothold in the Indian as well as overseas market with its highest standards of service delivery, transparency and customer satisfaction.
A dedicated team of qualified professionals works day and night to meet our customers target and total dedication to the highest standards of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.
We act as a one stop shop for your pharma sourcing activities, from manufacturing, locating and qualifying vendors to logistics management. Our Key Activity summarization are :
1. Universes second biggest producer of Tinidazole API ,
2. Pioneer distributor of APIs in local as well as international market with more than 10 leading API manufacturers agencies and 5 sole agencies
3. Developer, manufacturers and sourcing partners for a wide range of FORMULATION products


Sneha medicare aims to create new niches in our existing markets to ensure the current foothold remains strong and innovative. We envisage implementing our unique business model across the globe to ensure access to quality medicines at affordable prices.


The pharmaceutical business is encountering a period of unprecedented challenge. Patent expiries, regulatory issues and increased pressures from healthcare providers have consolidated to make an environment where our sector is associated with lower growth and higher risk.
We are tending to these difficulties through three key vital needs that we accept will change sneha medicare into an organisation that conveys more growth, less risk and an improved financial performance.
We innovate to change the rules of the game and not to compete in the game.


Quality : to develop a world class product basket and pipeline that will spearhead our growth in pharmemerging markets.
Innovation : to develop new formulation in our ongoing segment, wth the support of a strong R&D team & manufacturing capabilities
Learning ; to strive to grow in passion and potential by having a positive attitude in all major and minor actions.
Responsibility : to be one of the most ethically driven companies in the pharmaceutical segment, built on the pillars of trust , integrity,accountability as well as societal well being.


To Business partners

Our motto "Making Quality Affordable" binding us to continously exceed the benchmarks of our Business Partners by inspiring them to innovate. We work hand in hand with our Business Partners to help them understand our ethicals as well as business expectations which have to be adhere to all times.

To Consumers

Going with our missions 3C's: Competence, Character and Connection, We strive to achieve the highest standards in customer satisfaction through our commitment to provide safe and affordable medicines of highest quality. Our relationship with customers in based on integrity, respect and transparency.

To Healthcare Professionals

We are driven bu constant goal to discover new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health to help people to live healthier lives. Our comprehensive line of products encircles life and adresses important health needs from infancy to golden years.

To Community

Each of us has an obligation to leave the world a better place for the next generation... For us at Sneha medicare, Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply embedded in our culture. We continue to make serious efforts to promote good health, social development and better enviroment, through various company programs that contributes all round growth.




Sneha medicare develops and applies skills to ensure the quality of its products right from the design to the manufacturing stage safeguarding patients’ safety and efficacy of the products.


Our customers have always known that they can depend on Animal Health for more than just medicines. They count on Animal Health for information, technologies and veterinary services that truly advance animal healthcare. It is our heritage and our mission.


Sneha medicare houses state-of-the-art research facilities for its API process development is with dedicated teams working on synthetic, organic chemistry, process engineering and analytical development at multiple locations.


404/405, Rajshree Plaza, 4th floor, Varma Mukherji Compound, Opp. Shreyas Cinema, L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai: 400 086. Maharashtra, INDIA
API Enquiry: Pratik K. Shah

API Overseas Enquiry: Dhvani P.Shah dhvani@snehamedicare.com

Formulations Enquiry : Hemil K.Shah Formulations@snehamedicare.com